Return if Found

OH MY GOSH! Wow! Has it been a while or what? Stefani got the flu really bad and Sara has been MIA so no one could take me pictures :'( *sniff*. And THEN my dad had another surgery last Thursday in Portland so on Saturday I went and visited. The surgery was long and didn't go quite according to plan but everything ended up going pretty well. He is in a LOT of pain and he can't move his left arm but the doctors are hoping that that will get better. The best part is that it is over and he is alive! Looooong recovery coming up but he will make it! Hmm what else? Oh! I'm not sure if I have updated you on my future plans yet! So currently, I am in school and am working at Hawaiian Grinds (yumm Hawaiian food!!!)but I will be graduating in June! Cripes! But THEN I will be heading back down to Malibu for the summer for camp! The past three summers I have worked at a camp ran by the Salvation Army in the Malibu Canyon for inner-city Los Angeles youth! Have I told you guys about this already? Anyways, it basically is the best thing that ever happened to me and so I just HAVE to back for one more year!! This will be my last summer but I am so excited to give it my all for one last go! And THEN,after camp, I plan to come home and go to Vancouver Washington and attend flight attendant school and become a flight attendant :) So there you have it, my plans for the next year! What do you think? Pretty exciting huh! Well, thanks for listening and so sorry I haven't posted in so long! Shame on me! I will be better, I promise!